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Welcome to the Delta Tau chapter of Sigma Kappa Sorority, located at the University of Central Arkansas. Sigma Kappa sorority was founded in 1874 in Waterville, Maine and has since encompassed more than 156,000 members worldwide in more than 110 collegiate chapters. In all aspects of her life, a sister of Sigma Kappa strives to develop and encompass the three sides of a woman's character - spiritual, scholastic, and social. The sisters of Sigma Kappa pledge to display leadership, devote themselves to a lifetime of learning, and serve their communities to support those in need. Perhaps one of the most treasured aspects of Sigma Kappa is the unique sisterhood shared by its members. No matter where a Sigma Kappa ends up after her college years, she will always have her sisters. It truly is a blessing that cannot be explained, but can only be fully understood once experienced.

Disclaimer: Delta Tau Chapter's website is independent of the Sigma Kappa Sorority national website and complies with all policies and standards of Sigma Kappa Sorority. The layout and content are exclusive to Delta Tau Chapter. As such, Delta Tau Chapter of Sigma Kappa Sorority takes sole responsibility for the content of this website.
The new semester is always so exciting! Not only do we have new classes, new professors, and a new year, but we also have new members!! Congratulations to the 28 ladies who accepted bids from Sigma Kappa for the Spring 2012 semester. You ladies are in for the best semester of your life!

For those of you who decided not to go through recruitment this year, there's always the Fall semester - or next Spring! Sigma Kappa will be having plenty of meet-n-greets throughout the semester to get to know all of you better. Just make sure to keep checking the website for announcements on dates and times! We love meeting new faces, and we'd love to meet YOU!

Also, congratulations to the new executive council! You ladies will do (and are already doing) and excellent job! On top of that, Greek Grades just came out -- and guess who beat the all-greek, all-greek female, all-university female, AND all-university average GPA? Way to go Sig K!!! This sorority never fails to impress me.

Have a great semester, ladies!
- Kelsey

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